Epic 1.5 Bard : Pre-Quest

Cette quête est nécessaire pour faire l’Epic 1.5, si vous n’avez pas fait l’Epic 1.0.

Trouvez Lantaric`Dar (+415, +3950) dans Wakening Lands.

You say, ‘Hail, Lantaric`Dar’
Lantaric`Dar glances down at you with an almost palatable indifference. Small wonder, considering his significant stature. ‘I have better things to do then deal with you mortal. The [children of Zek] hunt this land, and they hunt for me and my kin. I advise you to stay away from both them, and their quarry.’
You say, ‘What children of Zek?’
Lantaric`Dar lets out a deep growl. You can tell that your question has angered him. ‘I find it impossible to believe you have come to this land know nothing of the children of Zek. Do not toy with me, I can see deep into your very soul if I so choose. Perhaps you are a [spy] sent by Tormax to find a weakness in the kin. If you are then both he and you are fools. No mortal will ever expose any weakness in the ranks of the claws.’
You say, ‘I am not a spy.’
Lantaric`Dar lowers his massive head slightly and peers down at you. You notice a small spark of light emanating from his eyes and you find yourself completely unable to look away. You feel a benign presence gliding through your thoughts.’
Lantaric`Dar says ‘Perhaps you speak the truth mortal. But the trust of the kin is not given lightly. You will have to provide some [proof] for yourself if you wish to gain my trust.’
You say, ‘What proof?’
The smallest flicker of a grin crosses over Lantaric`Dar’s draconic features. ‘I was hoping you’d say that. There are three giants that act as heralds for Tormax in this region. Find them, kill them, and bring me their heads to prove your loyalty.’

Vous devez tuer 3 x a giant herald (niveau 60) dans Wakening Land et looter : a Storm Giant Herald Head sur chacun d’eux.
Apportez les têtes à Lantaric`Dar

Lantaric`Dar peers at the three heads for a moment. You might almost say he looks surprised. ‘You have done well Wood Elf. You have gained a portion of my trust today. I hope you continue to impress me.’
Lantaric`Dar raises his claw to your forehead. The sweat dripping into your eyes does not blur your vision enough to sedate the terror of having a dragon claw mere inches from your face. Lantaric`Dar makes a series of quick, precise motions and then lowers his claw. You feel a mystical energy shiver over your body. ‘You have been blessed with my mark. If you [continue to aid] me I may see fit to further increase its power.’
You say, ‘I will continue to aid you.’
Lantaric`Dar says ‘Excellent Wood Elf. I have a matter that I believe you would be suited for. The children of Zek have been strangely silent over the last few days. While your attacks on the couriers certainly slowed them down, I suspect there is something else going on. If you can uncover what they’re up to, I will be most pleased. The area around Kael Drakkel is most likely to yield information.’

Trouvez a giant messenger (+265, +3150), niveau 60.
Il transporte Kromzek Supply Orders.
Tuez les messager et apportez les ordres à Lantaric`Dar.

Lantaric`Dar studies the orders for a few moments. ‘Well done Wood Elf. This explains much of the giants’ movements of late. This list shows orders for creating equipment for creatures closer to your stature then a giant. The Kromzek must be recruiting more mercenaries. Find the troop this order was meant to supply ______. There must be a reason for Tormax’s new interest in mortal conscripts.’

un mob appelé Cristoc Bonethug spawn dans les grottes des geonids avec plusieurs a bonethug mercenary.
Lootez a sealed note.
Apportez la note à Lantaric`Dar.

Lantaric`Dar says ‘Once again you have exceeded my expectations ______. Rarely have I encountered a mortal with your talents, in fact not since Baldric walked these lands. But I digress, and we have more work to do. For now, take this mark as a symbol of my trust.’

Lantaric`Dar raises his claw once again to your forehead. The sweat rolls a little slower this time, as you have grown more comfortable with his massive scaled form. His claws make a quick methodical series of movements across your forehead again. You feel a slightly familiar energy flow through to every part of your body and then subside.

Lantaric`Dar says ‘Travel boldly ______. For you move under my protection. Your latest discovery has left me with even more questions to be answered. The letter you brought seems to indicate that the mercenaries were meant for two purposes. I want you to investigate the less puzzling of the two, which was to escort several emissaries from the Iceclad Ocean to Kael Drakkel. The emissaries are due to arrive soon. I have sent one of the kin to the Iceclad Ocean to keep track of their movements. But I suspect he will need you there to help him. Find Vas Thorel in the Iceclad Ocean and do what he asks. We are getting closer to the bottom of this mystery Half Elf.’

Vas Thorel est un drake noir dans Iceclad Ocean au sud de l’ile avec le pont vers Eastern Wastes (-5610, +8635).

You say, ‘Hail, Vas Thorel’
Vas Thorel eyes you curiously. ‘Greetings ______. What brings you to this frigid place?’
You say, ‘Lantaric`Dar sent me.’
Vas Thorel flashes a sly grin at you. ‘So you’re the one that’s impressed Lantaric`Dar. We’ll soon see whether his faith is ill conceived. The emissaries have just arrived at the portal to the south. Several of the mortal races are represented in their ranks. I suspect the Kromzek are attempted to recruit aid for a rather large mystical undertaking. Although for exactly what I don’t know. They were lingering at the portal last I saw, no doubt waiting for the escort that isn’t coming.’ Vas Thorel grins at you again.’
Vas Thorel says ‘No doubt Tormax has by now learned that his mercenaries are dead and has dispatched another escort. Perhaps the new escort will have further information on what he’s planning. Follow the emissaries towards Kael and keep your eyes open for a Kromzek Escort. We can’t go leaving those necromancers alive if they’re going to be helping the Kromzek. Bring me any information you find. Oh yes, I’m sure Lantaric will want their heads as proof of their involvement.’

L’escorte Kromzek spawn devant le pont vers Eastern Wastes.
Elle est composée de :

  • Noble Oldencamp
  • 4 x necros (Puella Opalis, Amilia Verisue, Locis V`Sek, and Nihilist Xeegarn)
  • plusieurs a frost giant warrior et a frost giant escort

Tuez les et lootez Puella’s Head, Amilia’s Head, Locis’ Head, Xeegarn’s Head, and a Sealed Kromzek Scroll.
Apportez le scroll à Vas Thorel.

Vas Thorel says ‘Well done Half Elf, but I’m afraid this scroll bears ill tidings indeed. Lantaric must be informed with haste. Take the heads of the necromancers and give them to Lantaric. I have a feeling your work is far from done Half Elf.’

Apportez les têtes à Lantaric`Dar.

Lantaric`Dar peers at the heads. ‘So the giants have asked for the aid of many of the young races. It is no secret that the giants have had little luck with the dark arts of necromancy. The presence of these necromancers, the sealed note you recovered, and the mercenary orders all point to one place, the Necropolis of my ancestors. I fear they plan to desecrate our sacred burial grounds. This can not be allowed. You must travel to the Necropolis and stop them ______. But first, accept my gratitude, and a strengthening of enchantment that protects you.

Lantaric`Dar raises his claw to your brow once more. This time, you stand confident with the razored claws mere inches from your eyes. The familiar motions flash across your eyes again, and a feeling of renewed confidence beats in your chest.’

Vous êtez flag pour lancer la quête 1.5.