Coldain Shawl #3

Demandez à Loremaster Borannin « What chore? » pour débuter la 3ème partie de la quête.

You say, ‘What chore?’
Loremaster Borannin says ‘The council agrees that you have demonstrated a disdain for our enemy, the Kromrif, that rivals our own. They now ask that you demonstrate your loyalty to the Dain by humbling yourself and serving our people. Give this, my seal, to Mordin. He will instruct you further.’

Mordin Frostcleaver est situé dans Mordin’s Meats (-214, -214).

You say, ‘hail Mordin Frostcleaver’
Mordin Frostcleaver says ‘Ah, hello there, and welcome to me shop, Halfling. Ye’ll have to excuse the mess but I’ve been havin a bloody good time here lately. . . HAR HAR, ye get it? Anyways, thanks to you offlanders I now have a selection of some exotic meats never afore seen here on Velious. In addition to supplyin’ the freshest meat in Thurgadin I also offer tasks to would-be hunters in the wastes.’

Donnez lui Borannin’s Seal.

Mordin Frostcleaver says ‘Hullo ______, I see you’ve signed on for a bit of food service eh? Well we can always use an extra pair a hands here dat’s fer sure. First things first, warsh yer grubby mitts an cook up dinner fer good ol Leif. Shouldn be too tough fer ye, he has simple enough taste. Make him a Tundrabear sandwich an lemme know when he’s been fed. Dontcha ferget ta give him this with his meal.’

Il vous donne une serviette appelée « Leif’s Napkin » (No Drop).

You say, ‘What is a Tundrabear Sandwich?’
Mordin Frostcleaver says ‘Dat’s easy, ye just take a slab a dat Tundra Kodiak meat and a jug a sauce, put it in da oven, den combine the product with a loaf a bread in a mixin bowl an there ye be.’

Mettez dans un four de la Tundra Kodiak meat pour faire de la Saucy Kodiak Meat.
Combinez le dans un mixing bowl avec 1x loaf of bread.
Vous obtenez un sandwich (si votre skill est assez haut)
Donnez le à Guard Leif (284, +492) avec la serviette.
Vous recevez : Used Napkin.

Donnez la à Mordin.

Pour la suite, vous devez fabriquer du Frost Bunny Stew pour Trita Coldheart.
Vous recevez Trita’s Napkin (No Drop).

You say, ‘What is Frost Bunny Stew’
Mordin Frostcleaver says ‘Simple enuff, getcherself two hunksa Bunny meat and a jug a sauces. Stir ’em in a mixin bowl, then put spices and two flasks a water with it and cook it in a pot. Mmmm, zesty!’

Combinez les ingredients dans un mixing bowl pour obtenir une Saucy Bunnymeat.
Mettez la dans un four avec 1x spice, 2x flasks of water et 1x pot.

Donnez le ragoût à Trita (-119, +318) avec la serviette.
Vous récupérez un pot à donner à Mordin pour la suite.

Vosu devez ensuite fabriquer an Ulthork Meat Pie pour Brita.
Vous recevez Brita’s Napkin.

You say, ‘What is Ulthork Meat Pie?’
Mordin Frostcleaver says ‘Hmm, lemme look that one up. Been awhile since I made one. Here we are, two Ulthork meats, a vinegar and a spices in a mixin bowl. Put yer meat mix, a clump a dough, an a pie tin in da oven an yer good ta go.’

Donnez la tarte et la serviette à Lorekeeper Brita et récupérez a dirty pie tin à donner à Moradin.

La dernière partie consiste à préparer a Snow Griffin Souffle.

You say, ‘What is Snow Griffin Souffle?’
Mordin Frostcleaver says ‘This one’s a bit tricky, ya toss four snow griffin eggs and a pack of spices in de oven. Ye must bake it just right or it’s all gunna be wasted. When yer done bring it to Thoridain and if ye did it right he’ll give ye his special seal. Just show Borannin that seal and yer shawl and he’ll know that yer finished in the kitchen.’

Donnez le Souffle à Grand Historian Thoridain avec la serviette.

Grand Historian Thoridain says ‘My compliments, Dyllwin , what a wonderful dish! Please accept my personal Seal as a token of my appreciation. May it give you power over your adversaries.’

Vous recevez son sceau à donner à Borannin avec votre Shawl #2.

Loremaster Borannin says ‘Well done Dyllwin, the council will be impressed with your effort. Here is the woven prayer shawl, wear it with pride. I know there is talk of great plans for you, be sure to come back and ask me what the council has [brewing].’

Vous recevez Seal of Thoridain et Woven Coldain Prayer Shawl.